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Find out about the long history of our family-run business at Pale Farm.



In 1945, my grandparents left their London Pub in exchange for a life in the country. Moving to Pale Farm, they were branded as the ‘Cockney Farmers’ and using methods of working the ground and raising the animals that were, according to many of the local farmers, unreliable. Nevertheless, their methods were an immediate success, and so the family business began.


We turned our attention to turkey raising in 1974, after my parents had married. My mother, Jean, has raised turkeys since the age of 16, and, ever since, she has held a passion for it. She started small, rearing turkeys for our neighbours, friends and family. With her expert hand, demand quickly increased, and soon we were providing hundreds of birds to customers across the UK.


Pale Farm Turkeys is run by me – Vicky, alongside my husband, James and our children: Christopher, Alice and Zoë. My mother still lends her support and guidance whenever it is needed, but she is now taking a well-deserved rest rearing waterfowl (see our Call Ducks page). I have been involved with rearing and selling turkeys for most of my life and I share my mother’s passion for the birds. With the fine example that she has set, I am keen to continue using the trusted artisan methods that she began in 1974.


Christmas is a special time of year when families meet to share a meal with one another. We want this meal to be remembered, which is why we dedicate each year to producing the finest turkeys for you to enjoy with your family. We believe that every bird has the right to a long life, and at Pale Farm Turkeys, we allow them space to behave naturally. We then process our livestock using humane methods, hand plucking them and allowing them to hang for a minimum of seven days before packaging them. This is a process that has been refined over the last forty years, and it is the reason that we can guarantee you a wonderful Christmas turkey.


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